Our Services

We offer the following services:

  • Statement Processing
  • Appeals Processing
  • Litigious Debtor Scrub
  • Bankrupt and Deceased Debt Purchase
  • Patient Payment Portal Setup
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Insurance Follow Up
  • Bad Debt Purchase
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Online Scheduling
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Scheduling
  • Third-Party Collections
  • Practice Websites

Innovare Patient Relationship management specializes in recovering patient receivables without compromising the trust that patients have with their healthcare providers. Our success comes from our willingness and ability to innovate new solutions to the challenges that our clients and their patients face over time, that impede upon their ability to satisfy their healthcare-related debts.

We offer innovative solutions for all phases of the patient receivables cycle from submitting statements to, (if unavoidable), litigation, and all points in between. We utilize the latest technology resources available to create access to professional support from our agents in the manner that's most convenient to our client's patients.

We operate as an extension of your practice and hold ourselves as accountable to providing world-class service as you do. We maintain that high standard of service by auditing calls, chat sessions, and emails for compliance, efficiency and accuracy. We even offer bankruptcy, deceased, and bad-debt liquidation services. Innovare Patient Relationship Management is your one-stop shop for making sure that you get the most of your patient accounts receivable revenue, without compromising your practice's reputation or integrity.

Health Care Industries

Our company understands that many medical bills are unpaid due to deductibles, co-insurance, non-covered services and out of network charges. We know the difficulty that can be caused when a medical provider loses significant cash flow due to unpaid debts.

Innovare Patient Relationship Management focuses our efforts on recovering medical debt portfolios at any stage quickly so your practice or clinic can budget appropriately.

Although we are fully willing and able to use the full extent of state and federal law to collect on debt that is owed to you, we also understand that you need an expert who is knowledgeable in the industry to represent you, your practice or clinic with the utmost professionalism.

Technology Resources

Innovare Patient Relationship Management is committed to investing in technological industries to serve the entire revenue cycle. If a piece of technology is developed for our industry, we want to own it.

We utilize some of the most sophisticated account receivable management technologies to improve quality assurance, enhance customer service, and improve recovery performance. Our technology provides our clients the resources that make business relationship efficient, accurate, and effective.


Innovare Patient Relationship Management has the right programs to fit your organization’s needs. Whether we are handling your customer service, payment remittance or third party intervention, our number one goal is to get you paid!

By offering our Early Out program at NO COST we set a new standard in the industry of Healthcare Recovery.

After the Early Out, our programs are contingency based so we don’t get paid unless you do, making your choice to outsource and whom to outsource it to a NO BRAINER!

discover our


We believe in earning it

We only charge for the services that we provide.


We are a one-stop shop

We service the entire patient receivables process from the day the patient becomes responsible, through the external collections phase, including patients that die or become bankrupt, all the way through liquidation.


We only collect on patient receivables

We only engage experienced healthcare professionals, because we only collect on healthcare receivables.


You get to utilize our staff

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get away with only paying your staff for the time they actually spent doing their jobs?


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Download a printable copy of our brochure. It explains some of the advantages of partnering with Innovare PRM to manage your patient receivables.

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