About Innovare PRM

It’s our mission to execute a patient relationship method of recovery that will increase revenue, eliminate the hassle of overhead and centralize service and support. Innovare Patient Relationship Management’s vision is to partner with clients to create a highly effective Patient Relationship Management system.

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about our company

Co-founders Adiv J. Hamilton and Chris Sosa set forth a new concept of recovery and collection. With a combined 40 years of experience in telecommunications and the healthcare industry. This dynamic duo sets the bar high for success.

With technological advancement in today’s society you have to be able to communicate in a way that’s relevant. Utilizing the newest and coolest multi-channel connections allows us to reach more patients, keep a competitive edge and improve the patient experience all while boosting your bottom line.

Our niche is solely in the healthcare industry so we are able to give your practice or organization the attention it deserves. Healthcare intelligence is the key to success in this industry.

We believe that litigation should be a last resort and have developed unique programs for each stage of recovery. Our objective is to get you paid before the accounts reach the credit bureau reporting stage.

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Debt Portfolios

We purchase debt portfolios as well as collect on them on your behalf as a first party, or in our own name as a third party. If you have extremely aged patient receivables talk to one of our account managers about submitting a valuation request on your bad debt portfolio.

Insirance Accounts Receivable Recovery

We offer insurance accounts receivable recovery services as well. We will submit, manage rejections, follow up, resubmit corrected claims, file level I and II appeals, and post payments for our clients. Patient receivables is our primary focus, but we have talented and experienced revenue cycle management professionals that can also produce for you on your insurance receivables.

Bankrupt & Deceased Debts

We scrub all placements for bankrupt and deceased debtors prior to initiating any collections activity. This helps us help our clients avoid any illegal attempts to collect on debtors that are either deceased or that have sought out the protection of the bankruptcy process.

Patient Receivables

We manage your patient receivables no matter what phase of the revenue cycle it’s in. We initiate the collections process with the first statement and follow up on that debt until it’s been reconciled through payment in full or sale of that debt in a bundled portfolio.

“no fee” early out program

Our “no fee” early out program is a promotional offer and will not continue forever. As a young company we are eager to earn your respect and your business. Our goal is to create raving fans of our service and our performance and the “no fee” early out promotion won’t last forever. We are going to offer it to our first 20 clients and then it will be discontinued. Our existing clients will be grandfathered in and will enjoy that service at that rate indefinitely, but our new clients the onboard after will not have access to the same incentive.