You get to utilize our staff on an as-needed basis

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get away with only paying your staff for the time they actually spent doing their jobs? Managing a practice has many challenges and one of them is managing costs, and the biggest cost is usually payroll. When you hire a staff person you commit to paying them for a full 40 hours even if they have a slow week and didn’t actually have 40 hours of work to do that week. Since most staff people are paid based on an agreed amount of time whether their salaried or hourly you still commit to paying them for a specified time.

Outsourcing your early out business to Innovare changes that structure dynamically. We don’t’ charge our clients for statement services, and we only charge our clients for the time we actually spend on the phone instead of charging them 40 hours a week to keep someone available that may not have been working the entire time. All calls are recorded and archived, all agents are monitored and we perform random daily call audits to ensure a high level of service is given to each patient.

We have created the perfect solution for managing your patient receivables. High quality services, improved collections performance and a staff that works for you that you only have to pay when you need them.