We only collect on patient receivables

We only engage experienced healthcare professionals, because we only collect on healthcare receivables. This gives us a distinct advantage over most collection agencies, because everyone on our team knows the entire revenue cycle not just the, “you owe us money” part. Healthcare debt is a much more sophisticated receivable to collect on for many reasons, but it’s a distinct advantage to both the provider’s reputation and to the patient to be able to discuss their balances with a healthcare professional that can and will take the time to help them understand how they became responsible for their balances, collect updated insurance information, and offer compassionate service that incentivizes the patient to make arrangements to pay their balances in full even if they need to participate in an extended payment plan to do so.

This is also why we can afford to offer our early out services without marking up the statement costs or charging contingency fees. Since all we do is collect on patient receivables we do it extremely efficiently. We leverage cutting edge technology, with experienced teammates and all we do is manage patient receivables. We aren’t responsible for checking in or out patients, updating or pulling charts, managing the waiting room, scheduling, benefit verification or any of the plethora or responsibilities your local staff has to manage. We operate as your external staff and provide the same level of service with increased efficiency because we do it devoid of the physical interactions that are necessary inside your practice’s walls.